Congratulations to ET Solar on its 15th anniversary of leading the U.S. market!

17 Nov, 2022
Located in the eastern part of the Northern California Bay, Pleasanton is one of the most livable cities in California, the new and thriving high-tech city in the East Bay Area.
In 2007, ET Solar Inc established in Pleasanton under the forward-looking strategic planning and became one of the earliest Chinese photovoltaic enterprises in the U.S. market. With its strong demand, U.S. has quickly become the world’s second largest PV market, the newly installed capacity reaching 23.9GW in 2021, with a year-on-year growth of 21%.
ET Solar quickly seized the U.S. market with high-quality and efficient PV products as well as considerate services from local team. ET Solar has been continuously listed as “BNEF Tier 1 (since 2012)” and “PVEL Top performer (2021-2022)” , and awarded as “EUPD USA Top Brand” in 2022.
Fifteen years of remarkable performance brings ET Solar high recognition from the Pleasanton government. At the 15th anniversary event of the Companies in Pleasanton, the government expressed its sincere appreciation to ET Solar for its long-term contribution to the local economy and the development of green energy.

Alex Chen, general Manager of ET Solar Inc., said: It is a great honor to be invited to the 15th anniversary event. As a global leading manufacturer for photovoltaic module, ET Solar is providing optimized solar solutions to meet the needs of residential, industrial, commercial and utility clients in United States. Since 2007, we have several solar projects with East Bay Community Energy and delivered more than 5 GW of solar modules in the United States. ET solar is a globally recognized solar company with not only a proven history of success, but also with the potential of new and exciting future sustainable development for Pleasanton community, Alameda County, California and the whole country.
In the context of global booming PV market, ET Solar will continue to develop the whole industrial chain, and build manufacturing capacity of 5GW wafers, 7GW cells and 3GW modules in Vietnam, Cambodia and India. At the same time, we will strengthen our brand influence, focus on high-value markets such as North America, Europe and India, and contribute to the sustainable development of global green energy.
ET Solar——Lighting the future.